Working Drawings Handbook

Working Drawings Handbook by Keith Styles (Author)
Publisher: Architectural Press; 3 edition (November 7, 1995) | ISBN-10: 0750624949 | PDF | 7,4 Mb | 144 pages

Working drawings produced both manually and using packages such as AutoCAD, continue to be a core part of architectural practice and the construction process.
From their production by architectural assistants or technicians, to their use in the site office and later by facilities managers, these drawings are a vital source of technical information. While the very largest architectural practices have their own unique systems to produce working drawings, all students and young professionals learn basic techniques and methods. Working Drawings Handbook presents all you need to know to produce a set of functional and clear architectural plans. This comprehensive manual covers both manual and computer-aided design. It shows what information is required on each type of document, how drawings relate to specifications, and how to organize and document work. This handbook presents a fully illustrated guide to all the key methods and techniques.

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