teaching reading comprehension throgh under lined keywords

teaching reading comprehension throgh under lined keywords

In English as a foreign language (EFL) context, there has been a growing recognition that reading provides important opportunities for second language (l2) development in second language learners (Day & Bamford, 1998).

امام حسین (ع) در شعر اندلس
The present study investigates the extent to which focus on keywords in text as meaning carrying components leads to reading comprehension more easily.

بررسی و مقایسه حضور جنسیت در کتابهای انگلیسی دوره راهنمائی و مقایسه آن با کتابهای خارجی مشابه
Processing differences were created by the assignment-underlined keywords in one group within the text and using traditional approach to teaching reading comprehension in another group.

تاثیر نوشتاری زبان فارسی بر توزیع واحد T و Discourse Bloو جملات ربطی در مقالات زبان آموزان ایرانی
This study examined this difference by the help of Nelson (200 B and C) as both pre-test and post-test.

بررسی رابطه میان نوع متن شنیداری، وجود یا عدم وجود پیش سازماندهنده، نوع پیش سازماندهنده و عملکرد زبان آموزان در امتحان ارزیابی مهارت شنیدار
To be on the safe side of finding the crucial answers to the research question, the following null-hypothesis was developed: There is no significance difference between using underlined keywords within text and traditional approach in teaching reading comprehension to Iranian high school students.

ارزشیابی نمونه ای کتب درسی انگلیسی برای اهداف ویژه سازمان مطالعه و تدوین کتب علوم انسانی دانشگاهها (سمت)
Sixty students were divided into tow groups: control group and experimental group.

ترجمه استعاره در قرآن
Two groups were taught ten identical reading passages in thirty to forty minute sessions.

A corpus-hased study of units of translation in English-Persian literary translation
In experimental group, students encountered passages that were semantically categorized by underlined keywords treatment.

The Effect of Explicit Teaching of Metacognitive Vocabulary Learning Strategies on Recall and Retention of Idioms
Traditional approach in teaching reading comprehension was applied in control group.

Before the treatment, a one t-test was applied to compare the means of two groups.

The results showed that there was not a significant difference between two groups and they were homogenous as far as Nelson 200 B test was concerned.

After the treatment three t-test were applied to assess the results of posttest (Nelson test 200C) as follows: Control group scores on pretest and posttest, Control group and experimental group scores on pretest and posttest Control group and experimental group scores on posttest The results showed a significant difference between the means of them and sig (2 tailed) was 0.01 > 0.05 so it extremely rejected the null hypothesis.

These finding may provide support for the claim that the subjects in experimental group were successful in enhancing their reading comprehension by focus on word recognition as keyword, which were underlined in sentences.

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