Adding UIScrollView using interface builder

Adding UIScrollView using interface builder

I am adding a UIScrollView as a subview to the controllers view. After that i am adding 2 views to the scroll view as the content view.

When I am printing the subviews of the scroll views using NSLog(@"Scroll View Subviews : %@", [scrollViewObj subviews]);

then it is displaying 4 subviews , 2 for the views added to the scroll view and it is automatically adding 2 image views ?

I cann't get why the image views are added as subviews to the UIScrollView ? I am adding the Scroll view and 2 views to the scroll view using the interface builder.


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I bet those are used for the scroll indicators to the right and bottom of the view.. Techniques for implementing -hash on mutable Cocoa objects
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The two extra subviews are indeed for the scrollbars. Should I explicitly release?You'll only see those in there if you opt to use anything another than the default scrollbars.. Cocoa/WebKit, having “” JavaScript links opening in an instance of Safari If you want to know the number of your own subviews, set the tag property on each one before adding it in (to a positive integer, for instance). That way you must walk the subviews and see which ones have a tag value > 0..


I'm sure UIScrollView has a bunch of child views this are part of how it functions. I wouldn't worry too enough around it..

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