Caching in Flex

Caching in Flex

I have the following problem, I have a flex application that works as a frontend in a client-server-application. In my application I have two sliders and a chart that moves when I drag the sliders, now when I have the following positions

slider 1: 10 slider 2: 20

a request is sent to the server and the response back to my flash. When I now change the sliders to

slider 1: 10 slider 2: 30

another request is sent to the server, because we have changed the position of slider 2. When I now turn the sliders again to the first position.

slider 1: 10 slider 2: 20

no request is sent to the server and the chart is moved correctly because the flash seems to know what he will receive, I think the application has cached the result. This effect only works when I open the flash application in the flash player. When I open it in the browser every slider position leeds to another request to the server. Is there a way to enable the caching also when I open it in the browser?

Thanks in advance


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The slider values are discrete? You can store them in an Object, and query the server only if the object[10][40] value is not set..
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