Doing it right in Django - subclassing instead of hacking

Doing it right in Django - subclassing instead of hacking

I am using the threadedcomments module and need two changes: - an additional field on the ThreadedComment model - different fields on the form

I know the answer is to subclass but I'm not sure how to go about doing this - where does the code go?

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As its not clear from you question.

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I am assuming you are talking about extending django.contrib.comments ..
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Yes you have to subclass it.

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Create your own application, and all code (extended models, forms, views etc.) goes there.

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Important things, you wont add django.contrib.comments in INSTALLED_APPS list, but add your comment application name(which you inherit from django.contrib.comments)..
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Also you would need to add .
COMMENTS_APP = 'my_comment_app' 
to your Here is very good example for doing exactly what you want to do..

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