What to know about IIS?

What to know about IIS?

I would like to know what kind of things in IIS are really important to you on a day to day basis? And what should I look into initially to get started? Any articles/books/tutorials are welcome.

Application pool recycle after “Fixed number of requests”


“The server has reached the maximum recovery limit for the application during the processing of your request.” Error Message
Have you thought about getting into some Virtual Lab, such as:.
List of browser as the are listed in IIS logs
Sub domain issue
This link is full of resources also: http://learn.iis.net/.
Dev Environment in IIS

Client Disconnected

IIS 7 - Event ID 5 Error


How to Get the Time When IIS Started With Classic ASP?
The labs are a good place to start.

Philosophically, the biggest thing to remember about IIS is it really is just a "phone switch" of sorts--it patches requests through to the appropriate handlers.. The other big thing to understand, IMHO, is the underlying windows security model.

IIS rides on it and most folks who get into trouble are actually having trouble with windows security, not IIS.

But the problems manifest themselves through IIS which can lead to some confusion..

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