Jquery multiple modal dialogs by classname?

Jquery multiple modal dialogs by classname?

How can I create multiple modal dialogs by classname (basically the same dialogs but have a different code black attached).

One I launch a modal dialog I cannot reference the dialog anymore because jQuery will move it to the bottom of the document so something like..


Would not work anymore.

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hi from my db i am getting a value as string type and when i am displaying in in my jsf page it is displaying as 12.0
If I understand this question correctly, you have multiple dialogs that have the same class name and you want to be able to show them all at different times?.
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If this is the case then you can simply add a second class name to the class attribute which uniquely identifies the dialogs but maintains the first class giving you its look and feel..
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class='dialog OpenFileDialog' and then maybe class='dialog SavePictureDialog''.
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So then in code you reference them by the second class name $(this).find('.OpenFileDialog').dialog('open');.
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Does this help?.
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