jQuery Tabs - Sortable By Day?

jQuery Tabs - Sortable By Day?

Is it possible, using jQuery Tabs (Sortable) to pre-sort them by the current day?

<script type="text/javascript">     $(function() {         $("#tabs").tabs().find(".ui-tabs-nav").sortable({axis:'x'});     }); </script> 

I have 7 tabs, and the client wants the current day to display first.

Here is the site with tab examples: http://draft3.buildthesis.com/

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I figured it out for myself.

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Rather than jack with any java, I build a conditional switch, and used the .CSS ui-tabs-selected instead.

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Now, whatever day of the week it is, that tab will display first..
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function tabs() {  $day = date("D"); switch ($day) {                 case Mon:                     $show1 = 'ui-tabs-selected';                     break;                 case Tue:                     $show2 = 'ui-tabs-selected';                                     break;                 case Wed:                     $show3 = 'ui-tabs-selected';                     break;                 case Thu:                     $show4 = 'ui-tabs-selected';                     break;                 case Fri:                     $show5 = 'ui-tabs-selected';                     break;                 case Sat:                     $show6 = 'ui-tabs-selected';                     break;                 case Sun:                     $show7 = 'ui-tabs-selected';                     break;    } ?> <div id="tabs">     <ul>         <li class="<?php echo $show1; ?>"><a href="#tabs-1">Mon</a></li>         <li class="<?php echo $show2; ?>"><a href="#tabs-2">Tue</a></li>         <li class="<?php echo $show3; ?>"><a href="#tabs-3">Wed</a></li>         <li class="<?php echo $show4; ?>"><a href="#tabs-4">Thur</a></li>         <li class="<?php echo $show5; ?>"><a href="#tabs-5">Fri</a></li>         <li class="<?php echo $show6; ?>"><a href="#tabs-6">Sat</a></li>         <li class="<?php echo $show7; ?>"><a href="#tabs-7">Sun</a></li>     </ul> 

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