XmlDocument from LINQ to XML query

XmlDocument from LINQ to XML query

I am loading an XML document into an XDocument object, doing a query and then returning the data through a web service as an XmlDocument object.

The code below works fine, but it just seems a bit smelly. Is there a cleaner way to take the results of the query and convert back to an XDocument or XmlDocument?

            XDocument xd = XDocument.Load(Server.MapPath(accountsXml));                   var accounts = from x in xd.Descendants("AccountsData")                        where userAccounts.Contains(x.Element("ACCOUNT_REFERENCE").Value)                        select x;          XDocument xd2 = new XDocument(             new XDeclaration("1.0", "UTF-8", "yes"),             new XElement("Accounts")                        );          foreach (var account in accounts)             xd2.Element("Accounts").Add(account);          return xd2.ToXmlDocument(); 

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The fact that you are putting an XDeclaration into your response smells a bit funny to me, too.

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Why are you building XML to return through the web service layer? The .NET web services layer, whether you use WCF or ASMX, will do the XML serialization for you.

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You can return a strongly-typed object, and it is serialized for you.

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Since this is just for a proof of concept application I wil just live with this code for now.

THe live application would be connecting directly to a database so I would not have to pull my data from an xml file, query and then push it out again as xml..

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