how to remove IEnemurable in mvc

how to remove IEnemurable in mvc

I have a view with

<%@ Control Language="C#" Inherits="System.Web.Mvc.ViewUserControl<IEnumerable<StudentInfo>>" %> 

in my view if i have IEnumerable I can do foreach..

but before that i need to access the properties for StudnetInfo..

StudentInfo clas having

Public class StudentInfo {   public Studentdetails sd {get;set;}   public classDetails  cd {get;set;} }  <% foreach(var e in Model){%> <div>  <%=Html.DisplayFor(x=>e.StdentEdit) %>     <div>     <span>      <% Html.RenderAction("Details", "Home", new { @t = e }); %>         </span>     </div> </div> <% } %> 

please can anybody help me out.. how to get the properties of StudentInfo above the foreach loop...

if i remove IEnemurable I can do that.. but i need to have Ienemurable for RenderAction..

is there any other way we can achieve this? thanks

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e will be of type StudentInfo, call:. ajax.actionlink
If you need to grab the generic argument type from your Model directly without iterating I recommend this existing SO question:. Is ADO.NET Entity Framework (with ASP.NET MVC v2) a viable option when writing custom and contantly updated websites? -the-type-of-t. How to disable VS compile warning “class or css class is not defined” (2nd answer should job for you) . patterns to use when building complex web UI
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