mvc IDataErrorInfo validation when using ViewModel mvc IDataErrorInfo validation when using ViewModel

I have used IDataErrorInfo Validation for my Model. But when I use these model classes inside a view model, the validation does not happen.

sample viewmodel below

public class CategoryViewModel     {     // Category class with IDataErrorInfo     public Category category { set; get; }      // Subcategory class with IDataErrorInfo     public IList<SubCategory> subcategory { set; get; } } 

Now, if Category or Subcategory classes are directly used as models for view, the validation works fine. But, if CategoryViewModel is used, no validation occurs.

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You will need to implement this interface by the view model you are binding to (CategoryViewModel).

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It is also considered as bad practice. MVC 2: Understanding CRUD, specfically actions Create ( there are 2)?
As an alternative you might look at DataAnnotations or FluentValidation for more advanced validation scenarios..
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