Development on ASP.NET MVC Storefront Project

Development on ASP.NET MVC Storefront Project

I see that there is no Check-Ins on ASP.NET MVC Storefront code since Feb 7th. Can anyone please make me aware about whats going on. And on this question, Orchard project link is given with the answer. Is there any relation between these two projects?

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The MVC Store Front project was written by Rob Conery and he blogs about it here:.
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You'll note here that it was re-branded as "Kona", although some people referred to Kona as "MVC Store Front 2.0".

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After this, the sample application was moved on as part of an NHibernate screen cast....
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And some sources say that the Orchard Project assimilated the MVC Store Front sample as a component of a much larger content management system, which as you know is located here.... MVC Visible/hide Although I can't find any documentation on the Orchard Project website that confirms that it contains the MVC Store Front or a derivative thereof.. The main reason for losing the trail on this project is that Rob Conery left Microsoft while making the original MVC Store Front screen casts, so this is where the historical black-spot come from in this series..


Not sure what the status of MVC Storefront is, but I can tell you that it is unrelated to the Orchard project.

Orchard is more of a Content Management System that has been developed by a group of Microsoft ASP.NET developers.

It is currently actively developed.

Kona is described by its author as "My little commerce app" on this page.

I have had no response from my emails to the author, so I guess it is currently shelved..

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