Browser prompting download of JSON response, ASP.NET MVC2

Browser prompting download of JSON response, ASP.NET MVC2

I've encountered this problem all of a sudden doing a simple ajax submit of a form. The JSON comes back formatted correctly but the browser prompts to download it. Fiddler shows the content-type as correct:

application/json; charset: utf-8 

Here's my javascript:

 $("#submitbutton").click(function(e) {  $.post('FormTest', function(o) {   FormCallback(o);   }); });  

Here is the server side:

public JsonResult FormTest(string test) {         return Json("This worked!");     } 

Again, I get back an object from the server fine, but it either prompts me to download (Firefox) or simply shows the object in a new tab in the browser (Chrome).

I found one other question like this but the author didn't explain what was wrong. This is crazy! Any ideas?

Edit: The correct code is below, beside the e.preventDefault, I also needed to tell it which form data to use:

  $("#submit-button").click(function(e) {     $.post('address', $("#form").serialize(), function(o) {         FormCallback(o);     });    e.preventDefault(); }); 

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You want to cancel the default action, I expect:.
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 $("#submitbutton").click(function(e) {  $.post('FormTest', function(o) {   FormCallback(o);   });   return false; // <<===== }); 
You can also try:. WebForms app that runs MVC in a subfolder
if that doesn't work by itself.
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In addition to @Marc's answer I would like to add that:.
return Json("This worked!"); 
in fact doesn't work as it doesn't return a valid JSON object.

It simply returns "This worked!" to the client.

You need to construct the object:.
return Json(new { Message = "This worked!" }); 


MVC 2 returns JSON mimetype by default.

If you want to receive JSON data in plain HTML you should pass your JSON data as following:.
return Json(model, "text/html", JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet); 
Another point, you can mark your Action with [ChildActionOnly] and call your action in your view this way.
var json = <%= Html.Action("YourActionMethod", "YourControllerName") %> 

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